CHEERS & JEERS: School Bond, Meet Angsty Neighbors

CHEERS for seeing around the corner. These last few years have brought timely subject matter to The Arts Center, which is hard to do given exhibits are oft planned a year or more ahead. Legacies of oppression was a focus last year, non-binary gender the year prior, and this year it’s Black Matter. 

SIGH that elections have consequences, and the time for questions and concerns should generally predate the vote. We empathize with the current neighborhood angst over school district renovations at Harding Alternative and Wildcat Elementary — paid for by a school bond measure passed in 2018, and BTW voter turnout for that election was 44.46%.     

PLOT NOTE: For all it’s noisy controversy last month, the Corvallis School Board election turnout was only 39.51% of registered voters. 

CHEERS for transparency. It’s no secret that county electeds plan on asking voters to spend big on new justice facilities, including a new jail. Sooo, the dude appointed to sherpa the project interviewed with us, questions were answered, deets disclosed. WE WAIT WITH BATED BREATH for voter turnout when the questions hits ballots… scheduled for next year. 

PLOT NOTE: Depending on where you live, you may wanna check out the interview. That means you,  residents around Reservoir Road…or Kiger Island Road. JEERS to our transcription service outputting Kiger as Tiger. We left Tiger in because we wish something was named Tiger around here, and we wish this mainly because we’re children. Okay, not really… We just didn’t really notice the offending Tiger until just now and our editor on duty has just changed it. [Incidentally, there is a Tiger Island Rd. in Florida if you wanted to go there… we don’t know if there is either a tiger or a jail there… yet.] 

CHEERS for even more transparency. Hot from the school district’s presses, next year’s $330 million budget proposal is right here. You could practically double that budget with the $324.5 million OSU plans to spend on renovating Reser Stadium. But yeah… concussions, money, footie-ball, yay… [BTW The editor who just fixed the Tiger Island Rd. debacle loves football because she’s far more badass than the author of this Cheer.] 

JEERS for backing up traffic on southbound Second Street. City road crews have blocked the left turn lane onto Van Buren for who-knows-what-reason. We actually don’t care what the reason is… you’ve slowed our escape, let us out… Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this barrier… Ahem, that escalated quickly… moving right along. 

CHEERS for free state ID cards to homeless folks. If approved by the governor, the bill removes a hurdle for people looking to regain their footing. CHEERS for bipartisan support in both chambers of the legislature on this one. 

WE WAIT WITH BATED BREATH to see what the legislature does with Rep. Mike Nearman, and expulsion is on the table. Investigators have concluded Nearman let a bunch of rioters into the State Capitol back in December most likely on purpose, because that’s something you do when you’re a racist lawmaker — and the video makes it obvious, so yeah. Also, he’s being prosecuted criminally, and he’s been sent a bill for $2712 in damages. [Note that he merely walked around the building and came back in through a different door… like he didn’t want to have to make his way through the crowd to get back to his seat or something.] 

JEERS for an 800% spike in unemployment claims last year. Notably, Oregon’s Employment Department spent $431,305 on overtime pay for its own workers between March 2019 and February 2020. That total jumped to just over $4 million during the height of the pandemic. That’s a difference of 432,569 Lemongrass Beef Sandwiches at Baguette. And yes, we did the math, and those are actual numbers… [Toby’s hungry for a sandwich now] 

CHEERS for 11 Oregon musicians making an NPR list… Oregon Artists to Watch in 2021, are, in fact, worth a listen. Love ending this week’s column on a positive note, the only warning being you’re about to hit replay… A LOT!!