CHEERS & JEERS: Our Firsthand Reser Vaccination Event Review

CHEERS because the mass vaccinations clinics at Reser are so easy that they feel sorta anticlimactic… which we’re counting as a very good thing. Advocate staffers report total time averaging about half an hour, and an almost odd unhurried friendliness to the whole affair. Even the online registration takes less than five minutes. 

JEERS to the vaccines themselveswe were promised microchips, and there have been none, not in the Moderna, the Pfizer, or even the J&J iterations. This is profoundly disappointing. Even our staffers pets have microchips why not us, huh? Apparently, Bill Gates prefers dogs to humans. 

JEERS to Zoombombers hitting a Q&A featuring Corvallis Board of Education member Luhui Whitebear just after she was introduced. Not acceptable, dude.  

WE WAIT WITH BATED BREATH to see if the upcoming May 18 School Board race deteriorates into a kindergarten food fight devoid of actual debate, or not. A warning to anyone unwise that may be running: Our experience has been Corvallis voters aren’t perfect, but they generally do pretty well separating the wheat from the chaff… Just sayin‘. 

JEERS to a Gazette-Times editorial about F. King Alexander’s firing. The piece seemingly says an apology from OSU’s trustees over their treatment of sexual assault survivors is enough it’s not.  

BOOS & HISSES that the editorial in question goes on to say “Perhaps now we’ll be able to cheer louder for the outstanding men and women wearing the orange and black on the hardwood, diamond and soccer pitch.” Godammit. Just… Godammit.  

CHEERS to a petition initiated by sexual assault survivors at OSU seeking to upend the current programs on campus, and then rebuild. It’s no secret that we believe the university has failed female students, utterly we’ve been reporting and yelling about it for years – so please sign the petition. 

SUBPLOT: Small town alternative newspaper with no money keeps reporting and screaming about how OSU tries to sweep sexual assault survivors under the rug where they’re easier to step on. Anyhoo, too many stories to link here, but you can search our site. Kleenex alert for Miriam’s and Kathleen’s stories. 

CHEERS to John Prine’s Some Humans Ain’t Human. He was singing about Sterling Management, the landlords for downtown Corvallis’ Benton Plaza, which houses elderly and disable folks. When the elevator broke for several days, Sterling had to be sorta forced to arrange housing and food for their needy residents and definitely treated them like trash. Not cool. 

CHEERS to a group of fancy DC types suing the feds for ignoring acidification of Oregon’s coastal waters. The group is called The Center for Biological Diversity, and they claim “Oregon’s oyster farms first began experiencing mass mortalities from ocean acidification in 2005.”  

JEERS to Alsea Quarries for mussing the air quality so odiously that Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality smacked them to the tune of $4,000.   

PLOT NOTE: We at The Advocate miss John Prine, and sorta hold up the folks discussed in Some Humans Ain’t Human as a reason to come to work each day. Not all of us, I mean, some of us known every lyric by Elton John one person on staff actually said “sea shanties slap” and meant it as a good thing, but for some John Prine was the be all, end all, best ever was.