CHEERS & JEERS: Morgue Trucks for Our Lovely Valley

PALM SLAP TO FOREHEAD for Steve Allen from Walnut Creek, Calif. who decided that the best way to get to the other side was to attempt to jump over Devil’s Churn in Lincoln County, not giving heed to the fact that the folks around here named it after the Devil. Mr. Allen did not succeed. RIP Mr. Allen.  

CHEERS for the students of Oregon State University! More than 4,600 of them are moving back in this Sunday, Sept. 19, so be ready. Things are gonna get hairy as more people fill the streets and stores and restaurants. Just rest assured that it’ll still be better than if you were living in New York City.  

BIG LOUD ROARING CHEERS for The G-T’s coverage on the Greater Albany Public School loss of leaders. They are allowing the real words and sentiments of those leaving to ring out into Albany, and we’re gonna give them props for doing it. Meaning, we’re cheering them for letting us know that Secondary Education Director Kerri Tatum left. Cheering for including her statement against a Good Ole Boy network infiltrating the Albany schools. And cheering for including this statement made by Tatum: “I have seen the positions of superintendent, chief of staff, director of operations, high school assistant principal and high school athletic director all filled by white men in this same friend group without a hiring process and with no chance for a woman or person of color to apply.” [Yes, we know that everyone should have access to jobs – even white guys who have been a little bit overwhelmed of late. We just think the playing field needs to be even – regardless of who you know.]  

BIGGER LOUDER OBNOXIOUS JEERS for whoever the heck has been plastering racist and ugly stuff all over town. If you think it’s funny to leave a swastika behind, you’re wrong. If you think painting “kill your kids” on something near a playground is clever, you’re wrong. If you actually do think, you know this is not a Corvallis value.  

CHEERS for the CPD, Parks & Rec, and Public Works for getting the police reports done and covering this s*** up fast. You guys rock!  

BEFUDDLED FROWNS over the words of Holden Thorp — Editor-in-Chief of the journal Science, former Provost of Chapel Hill, and OSU University Day speaker. Thorp sees the place of universities becoming a pursuit of “tangible results and applied research” rather than a simple pursuit of knowledge. Hasn’t the end goal of higher ed generally been the pursuit of a better-than-decent job and a means of keeping the fam clothed/housed/fed? Yeah, sure, it’s nice to take the odd class on the Morphogenesis of Western Civilization a real class taken by one of our editors], but knowing how and why cities evolved doesn’t feed little Bobby Jr. over there, does it.  

CHEERS for the Oregon Legislature for reopening the doors of the Capitol just in time for the redistricting sessions. Yes, we remember being a little tough on poor old Mike Nearman for pushing the limits on this one, but this time around there’s a plan… we hope. It’s been more than 80 weeks [that’s over 560 days if you prefer, or 13,440 hours… 806,400 minutes…] since regular ole folks like us have been allowed in, and now we get to be there… sort of… with limitations and masks… stepping around construction zones… and staying closer to the rotunda and gift shop. [Wait! The state Capitol has a gift shop!? I’m totally going there now!] And we’re moving along…  

SIGHS for Lane County, where there are 39 COVID outbreaks in nursing homes and memory care facilities leading to about 350 full-blown cases. In one residence of the aged or infirmed, the outbreak began with a staff member who… wait for it… wasn’t vaccinated. [*gasp*] The locations of concern are South Hills Rehabilitation Center in Eugene, Gateway Living in Springfield, Avamere River Park in Eugene, Bayberry Commons Assisted Living and Memory Care in Springfield, and River Grove Memory Care in Eugene. We recently asked Corvallis area nursing homes and memory care centers about their vaccination status of staff and residence, in case you’re interested. All people working in healthcare positions will have to be vaccinated against COVID by Oct. 18 or provide a valid reason not to be.   

MORE SIGHS for Lane County calling up to order a mobile morgue to help them handle two-to-six COVID deaths every day. It’s still pretty danged serious out there, folks.  

EVEN MORE SIGHS for Portland area Reynolds High School which sent everyone back home for a minute because of COVID exposure. They’re not saying how many cases other than the number is low. Students get a four-day weekend this week and will be remote learning next week. AND Gladstone Elementary School will also be distance learning after “widespread COVID-19 exposure.”   

STIFLED COUGHS for the Oregon hospital system where doctors have to tell their patients that “it’s a bad time to get sick.” Just talk to Charlie Callagan [something KLCC did] — a Vietnam vet, retired National Parks ranger, and a man with bones that look like Swiss cheese because of cancer. He can’t get into the hospital for surgery because too many people decided they were afraid of needles or they don’t “believe in COVID” or one of some dozen other BS reasons to not get vaccinated. We’re saying it now: If Charlie dies, we’re blaming all of y’all for being dumb.   

CHEERS for Oregon’s own Laika Studios which is making an animated film based on the book Wildwood by Oregon’s own Colin Meloy, who also sings for Oregon’s own band The Decemberists. It’s all very Oregon-y and that makes us happy. [BTW, if you hadn’t heard of Laika, they’re the studio that made Coraline which won a big bunch of awards about 10 years ago]