CHEERS & JEERS: Give Peace a Chance, Buy Something

SIGHS for the anniversary of the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is the 76th year that has passed since people decided that atoms didn’t have to be the smallest thing in the universe and decided to split them apart and see what would happen, unleashing a world that has weapons capable of destroying the world. Thankfully, we have groups like the Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom and the Veterans For Peace who keep us humble. In the words of the late John Lennon, “All we are saying is give peace a chance.”  

CHEERS / JOY / and EXCITED APPLAUSE for Jade Carey. She worked her patootie off to get into the Olympics – traveling around the world to make sure she had a spot – then she won a gold medal! Best of all, Carey is going to be in Corvallis next year as an incoming freshman at Oregon State University. We can’t wait to see what she does as a Beaver, and we are dam proud to be including her in our community!  

SHOULDERS SHRUGGED for consumerism surrounding the Olympics. Yeah, we know that it’s supposed to be about the sports, about supporting your country, about everyone coming together and getting along… but Japan spent more than $20 billion getting things ready, and they didn’t get the expected crowds coming to their island nation spending billions in return. So go on over to eBay and buy a few hundred mascots. Help out our fellow Earthicans.  

CHEERS for Governor Kate Brown. She stood up to a 32-year-old law – ORS 433.416 for those who like to read laws – that explicitly prohibits our health care systems from requiring vaccinations… you know, like the vaccinations that have reportedly saved around 279,000 lives in the US… Brown stepped up and said “Okay, if you don’t wanna get the shots, then you’ll have to be tested, like, all the time”… but probably classier than that. Thanks, Governor Brown, you make us feel proud and safe.   

CHEERS to the G-T’s Jim Day. Anyone who reads us and them surely sees that we don’t always agree [they endorsed Knute Buehler, ferchrissake]. So when we read the community comments section of the meeting continued to be dominated by individuals aggressively speaking out on the homelessness issue” from Mr. Day himself, we were so danged happy to see him see the homeless issue in terms of reality. JEERS to the aggression coming to bear when we would be better served by clear heads and adult behavior. Jeers as well to the lot of us having more concern for businesses than for people. No one hopes to grow up and be homeless, kids, so let’s pay less attention to our own lives and more attention to the human beings we’re fighting about.  

CRANKY because the Board at OSU made things more official about spending millions on Reser – although at least these millions will be for a clinic which might do more good than footie-ball ever did. [Yes, yes, the one editor still likes football, go Beavs, yadda yadda yadda] The Board did other stuff, like planning to renovate the Hatfield Marine Science Center and add new ways for people to study the Arts, but seriously, how many other and better things could we do with $153 million? [The poets in back are starting to count the ways *sigh*]  

FEELING OLD as the summer is almost over and school registration letters are coming into parental emails. So find them, look them over, and plan for your wee ones to head back to classrooms, because the school system is doubling down on the in-person unless in-hospital plan for 2021-2022. And if you really don’t want Suzie Jr. or Billy-kins to be in an enclosed space with the other little germ buckets, know that good old 509j is preparing to use Florida Virtual Learning Systems for K-5 and Apex for grades 6-12.