CHEERS & JEERS: Corvallis Gouges, Some Bureaucracy Works

CHEERS to The Barometer, OSUs student paper marks 125 years of service this month.  

JEERS to Rodeway Inn on 2nd Street, a fine bastion of Corvallis hospitality that will now be paying $15,000 in fines for price gouging during last year’s wildfires, they’ll also be paying restitution. CHEERS to Oregon’s Department of Justice for nailing them. 

PLOT TWIST SHOCK-YAWN: In a stunningly bold move to restructure advisory boards and commissions, the City Council decided to wait for awhile. Mysteriously, no audio or video of the meeting was posted at press time… So, good times for conspiracy theorists…? Anyhoo, the meeting was on March 1. 

SPENDY PLOT TWIST: In the same meeting, the City Council also increased fees for newly built housing units, or so called system development charges. The fees offset the anticipated infrastructure costs that a new residence causes. The city reckons $16,930 per new home is about right, a 5.8% increase over what the fees had been. 

CHEERS for Ana Pearse‘s visually compelling use of photography, sculpture, and installation to speak up about sexual harassment, assault, and abuse.  The fifth year OSU photography student is currently exhibiting at Fairbanks Hall. Pearse’s work, given the tough subject matter, is uncompromisingly beautiful, and for its visual richness, that much more evocative it will slow you down, and stick with you. Click the above link, it’s worth your time. 

CHEERS to Corvallis School Board Chair Sami Al-Abdrabbuh.. Freshly appointed by the governor to a thing, he’s now also confirmed by the state senate. The thing: The Fair Dismissal Appeals Board, which decides on appeals from teachers and administrators that have been given the heave-ho, and in fact, sets state standards for such dismissals. Notably, this newspaper seems to endorse Al-Abdrabbuh anytime he runs for anything. So far, he’s been the kind of dude that reminds us how noble a pursuit civil service can be. Read as we’re in the tank for this guy. 

CHEERS to Corvallis Housing First repurposing a South Corvallis motel, more beds for homeless folks is a good thing. CHEERS too for the program that made it possible. But, we wait with BATED BREATH to see how the new location plays out with the wider community, and what plans go into place to push matters to the positive side. 

JEERS to whoever targeted the Gleaners facility at Pioneer Park with racist graffiti that said “get out” and then added a racial slur. The Marys River Gleaners do cool stuff, like keeping people fed at Pioneer Park. And, Cookie Johnson, who is an African-American woman, coordinates that effort. 

CHEERS for Cookie Johnson for her work – that needs saying. 

CHEERS to Andrea Valderrama, a policy director for ACLU of Oregon. Last year, she filed a restraining order against State Rep and serial sexual harasser Diego Hernandez. This year, after the dude resigned in disgrace, Valderrama filed to run for his seat in the state legislature 

CHEERS to the Dolly Party Imagination Library taking local root right here in C-Town. You don’t have to be a Parton fan to love this, Jolene. Don’t get the reference? It doesn’t matter. Just think free books for kids, because that’s what this is. 

WITH BATED BREATH we wait to see how a return to hybrid instruction works out for Corvallis schools. It’s a time of variants and dumbass southern governors, but at least the vaccines haven’t been tested on kids yet, so yeah, we’ll see, what could possibly go wrong… 

WAIT, WHAT? Oh yeah, the southern governors thems folk have decided damn the torpedoes and microscopic stuff they can’t see with their nekkid eyes. They’re killing their mask mandates, and reopening businesses sans restrictions. Yeehaw! We wait with BATED BREATH for saner states, like Oregon, to restrict travel from said wacko states, but we suspect that won’t happen until the next damn pandemic.