CHEERS & JEERS: Corvallis Cost-Benefit Analysis

CHEERS to last year’s national inflation rate, only 1.4%. JEERS to Oregon State University’s decision to increase tuition by 2.5% for returning undergrads next year. The trustees also decided to hit new undergrads with a 4% increase. Meanwhile, less than a half hour from OSU… 

JEERS to Western Oregon University, a public institution with a 165 year history that just sacked a bunch of profs and other staff. Admin types say declining enrollment necessitates the layoffs, and union leaders swear nyet. Just for fun, the philosophy department, which teaches things like critical thinking, will also get the axe. 

CHEERS that the Tunison Community Path Project, which envisions a multi-use model, has been recommended for a $500,000 Oregon Department of Transportation Grant. The dollars, once finally approved, will fund initial planning. Translation: Initial planning is government-speak for, “This is gonna take a glacial-like forever, but we’re leaning towards a yes sometime in the near-to-distant future.” Snark aside, this is good news – especially seeing as we’re number 11 out of 57 on the list. 

JEERS to the new owners of Oak Crest Apartments in Corvallis, a complex for low income families that is, of course, owned by a company in California. The company bought the complex intending to make upgrades that would score them some sweet HUD financial assistance – the only problem being the dislocation of tenants during daytime hours… in midst of a pandemic 

CHEERS for the fed granting Oregon’s request to scale back on standardized tests at schools because of the pandemic. Some of us were having nightmares of explaining how to fill in those little bubbles with No. 2 pencil to seven-year-olds. 

WE WAIT WITH BATED BREATH to see if you, and by you, we really mean enough of you, donate to Fall Fest to make it a “thing” in 2021. Their fate is in your hands. Insert shameless reminder you can also support your local alternative newspaper, if you’re feelin’ so inclined. 

CHEERS for the unknown. The only thing better than solving a mystery, if you’re a physicist, is unsolving it. Sooo, if you’re a humble little theory that predicts how particles should behave, it would be unfortunate to be named the Standard Model, because a name like that is just like asking for it. Physicists have recently made serious strides towards disproving the model. Contacted for comment, The Universe had not responded as of press time. 

A FINAL NOTE: We all struggled to make sense of Jeffrey Appelts shooting death earlier this week, and plenty of opinions were expressed throughout the community. Viewing the video, it appears the police wished they could have deescalated matters. And we know Appelt had been in psychiatric care at one point, so we also could conclude that society made some effort to help him, even if it turned out to be inadequate. And, as no small aside, we imagine that even if Appelt was suicidal, it’s unlikely that he would have wished suicidality on himself. 

In short, nobody wished this tragedy. The next highest good will be to learn from it. Our only suggestion, a decided solemnity.