CHEERS & JEERS: Can’t We All Just Behave

CHEERS AND A PAT ON THE BACK for Oregon State University taking care of the kids and other such adulty kinds of people on campus. According to The Daily Barometer, there are places all over the place guiding people in need to helping hands – like food pantries and housing resources. We love that the school is looking after y’all. 

CHEERS AMID WORRIED FROWNS over the “largest meth seizure ever” category befalling the pile of the junk that just got turned from powder into evidence [might we say Jesus-like?] by the US Drug Enforcement Administration and Lane County police departments. Way to go law-people for taking care of business. Good Gawd, it was nearly 400 pounds of the crap, what were these people thinking!? [Oh yeah, they also confiscated 14 firearms, some of which were stolen.]   

JEERS for Alek Skarlatos and his ideas of the right way to fund a political career. Going out and running against a well known political figure? Sure, that’s how democracy works. Borrowing tens of thousands of dollars from your “charity” [if you can call an entity without a defined purpose or real footprint of any kind a charity]? C’mon, man, we’re smarter than that in good old District 4! [BTW starring in your own biopic isn’t enough of a resume to knock out Peter DeFazio] 

BIG SAD FROWNY FACES for some of the most doggedly professional doctors in town – the veterinarians. They’re having a hard time right now because of longer waits, understaffing, and the inability to see all of the pets out there. All of the face-to-facing it we’re used to with our animal care folks just isn’t pandemic safe, and they seem to be the ones getting the raw end of things. So, we are asking you to please keep your collective cools, then check out what to expect from local animal hospitals here. 

BIG JOYOUS DANCING-IN-THE-STREET CHEERS for the ladies Corvallis elementary schools will now be known for. There’s Kathryn Jones Harrison [formally Jefferson Elementary] is one bad-ass leader of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde who’s still going strong at 97-years-old. Then Bessie Coleman [formally Hoover Elementary] was one of the first BIPOC women to fly. And Letitia Carson [formally Wilson Elementary] was one of the first Black Americans in the Willamette Valley. Yeah, yeah, they probably did not live perfect lives [who does?], but these three women strike a new note for our kids [particularly the girls] that will sing out for generations to come.  

CHEERS for Gov. Kate Brown getting kinda groovy with her naming of programs. The latest? The new “Bad Apple” campaign which is meant to help people not waste food. [Well, they’re saying it’s about saving money through the act of not wasting food, but po-TAY-to po-TAH-to, am I right?] So if you haven’t figured out all the ins and outs of eating your food before it spoils, the government has a website for that. 

SCRATCHING HEADS over the Oregon Supreme Court, which might have a thing or two up its seven sets of sleeves. On Oct. 6, the justices struck down the death penalty for one inmate, leading many to wonder if the death penalty is really an Oregon staple. Over the last two years, only murders categorized as “aggravated” can be punished by death, and before that only two individuals had been put to death in the 50 years – both having ending their fight for a new sentence. Could this version of the court see the end of this most final of penalties in our state? 

WHOOPIE for owners of electric cars in Oregon! The Department of Transportation is upgrading all 44 Oregon highway charging stations and adding three more. This means our part of the West Coast Electric Highway will offer 100 charging ports by 2023. 

HUZZAH and “a bowl of wine” for the Festival of the Bard, the none other than, the be-all-end-all, William himself, yes Shakespeare shall be beckoning us once again toward the limelights of Ashland and its surrounding abodes. [Confused yet?] Yes the Oregon Shakespeare Festival will have a 2022 season, including eight live performances and three digital productions. So gather your pomp and your circumstance, bundle close your fairest of friends, and maketh your merriest of plans now, ‘cause them there tickets are gonna go fast! [we might have forgotten the theme on this entry somewhere]