Brown Signs DMV Relief Bill

Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a bill May 6 that will bring vital advancements to the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles services.  House Bill 2137 eliminates written exams for new Oregon residents and extends the moratorium for parking tickets and expired documents through December 31. 

The DMV is still catching up from backlog following the statewide shutdown last spring.  In addition to the 10 week closure, many Oregon DMV locations also closed temporarily due to winter weather in February and hazardous air quality in September.  Last Fall, Oregon DMV spokesperson David House told the Oregonian that the estimated turnaround for registration and moving services at that time was 10-12 weeks — but that there was “no way to know for sure.” 

“It’s a huge, huge backlog that we’ve never experienced anything even close to this before,” House also said to KOIN 6 News in the following months. 

The bill passed shortly after the Oregon DMV announced its new online driver’s license renewal service earlier this month. Additionally, the Department of Homeland Security recently prolonged the Real ID compliance date to May of 2023. Although Oregonians will still have to make an in-person appointment to switch to a Real ID, many immediate services will soon be available online thanks to the new bill, which takes effect June 5. 

DMV administrator Amy Joyce told KTVZ the bill is expected to give Oregon drivers additional time to meet certain DMV requirements as the DMV catches up from the pandemic.  

“This will accelerate our progress as we expand online services, extend voluntary overtime work and employ additional staff,” Joyce added. 

To view available online services or to make an in-person appointment, visit the DMVU2 website.  

By: Rebekah Harcrow