Benton County Still at Extreme Risk Level

As of Feb. 20, Benton County remains categorized with only four other counties in the state as an Extreme Risk county. Benton has been at extreme risk since Dec. 18, with the risk level being evaluated every two weeks.  

The surrounding counties are all categorized below Extreme Risk. In the last two weeks, Lane County moved down from Extreme to High Risk, Lincoln County has moved from High to Lower Risk, Linn County has moved from High to Moderate, and Marion and Polk counties have both moved from Extreme to High. 

Risk level is based on the number of cases per 100,000 people over two weeks.  

16 people in Benton county have died due to the coronavirus, and 22 more people have tested positive for the virus as of Wednesday. In the last 14 days, the positive test rate average has been 3.4%. 

The overall number of cases in the county is falling, and the average number of cases per day in the last two weeks is below the average number of cases per day in the two weeks before.  

To slow the spread of the virus, stay home whenever possible, wear a mask when leaving the house, maintain social distance with those outside your household, and frequently wash your hands. 

By: Hannah Ramsey