As the Crow Reads: In The Quick

A few months ago, I had the privilege to review If, Then, a novel by Corvallis Author Kate Hope Day, and I loved it. Luckily for me, it wasn’t long until this brilliant mind released another stunning novel. This month I’m recommending In the Quick, the newest novel in the Kate Hope Day collection. 

In the Quick is the story of June, a young girl turned astronaut who has a new perspective to offer her world. June’s uncle was an inventor and scientist, and after the deaths of her parents, he and his wife raised the girl. The story that follows is both captivating and beautiful, leading the reader through a series of adventures that culminates on a far-off planet.  

What I Liked: 

First off, I loved how easy this book was to read. Sometimes novels about space travel and mechanics can go too deep into the science and lose readers in the details. I never felt like I couldn’t understand the science, and yet I never felt like I was missing out on knowing something I needed. Man and machine blend together so well that situations felt incredibly lifelike, allowing the reader to truly experience June’s world. The blend so well, there were several times that pulling myself out of the book and back into my regular life was challenging.  

I adored having a female main character in a STEMM-focused novel. There are not many sci-fi books with female main characters who carry the weight of the novel themselves. I was enamored by all of the female characters and was pleased that, even though there were bits of romance sprinkled in, the main character’s primary role was not that of “lovestruck heroine.”   

My favorite part of the book was probably the ending. I was hanging on every single word. It’s simply phenomenal.   

What Was Missing: 

There was little missing from this novel, besides the fact that I want to know more. I think that there could have been more story throughout June’s teenage years, before becoming an astronaut. I would have liked to see her relationships with some characters and know what happened to some of the others.  


I highly recommend this book. It would be great to throw in your bag to head to the pool, or to take on a flight. I read it in about five days, but it would take a lot less time if you’re on vacation.  

About the Author:  

Kate Hope Day holds a BA from Bryn Mawr College and a PhD from University of Pittsburgh in English. She is the author of If, Then and In the Quick. She lives in Oregon with her husband and their two children.  

In the Quick was published by Random House in March, 2021, and is available at Grassroots Books  

You can also see our interview with the author here. 

By Kyra Young