Advocate Shamelessly Asks for Subscriptions – Here’s Why You Should

At The Advocate, these last several months have been a time for stories and insights you wouldn’t otherwise hear. To be sure, we’ve offered you depth on the issues of the day, like COVID and the Black Lives Matter movement, but we know you also want the other news too, the stuff that falls between the cracks, even if it shouldn’t.  

Just last month we offered a deep dive look at Benton County’s mental health system, it’s shortcomings, strivings and strengths and it’s intersectionality and financial woes. We also reported that some in the Jewish community have serious concerns over the school district’s new Holocaust curriculum, and after speaking with experts in the field, we also reported their evaluations. In the same month, The Advocate also looked at the continuing sexism in our community, even as some people believe that with Kamala Harris as veep, it’s no longer an issue spoiler alert: still an issue.  

Back to COVID and BLM for a minute, we’ve done more deep dives on these stories than any other local media and we’ve offered no less than five CitySpeak Forums covering these issues.   

In fact, we love doing these online CitySpeak Forums. There is something deeply democratic about audience members putting questions to the people pulling the strings behind the scenes. There’s been a range of guests: Both the incoming and outgoing police chiefs, our local chapter NAACP president, Benton County’s district attorney, Corvallis’ mayor, and of course, the County’s health directors. We could go on, but you the get idea.  

Our Work Costs Money, Has Value Consider Subscribing  

Journalists, by nature, are intelligence gatherers, and they spend countless hours getting you the report, and hopefully reducing the final written product to something you can consume in just a few minutes. For our CitySpeak videos, the crew often puts in 10 to 20 hours for every two hour forum that we produce. So, if you appreciate the value of what our journalists are offering, please help to support them financially.  

Think of it this way, if you order a pizza, honest labor goes into its hot gooey awesomeness, and you expect to pay for it. Also, the dollars you invest with us go right back into the community, into the hands of journalists that are also your neighbors, who in turn spend locally, supporting local businesses and jobs. And that locality is part of what makes The Advocate what it is this community’s only locally owned newspaper.  

For those not yet contributing, we ask that you consider a subscription if you’re able. Levels are only $5 or $10 monthly. For the those that can, please also consider an added contribution.  

Thanks to everyone already contributing, and thanks to everyone considering supporting us! Stay Healthy!