15 Counties Moved to Extreme Risk, Benton Nearly Surrounded

The COVID data from April 18-24 is out, and 15 Oregon counties have moved back into the Extreme-Risk category. Three of these counties, Polk, Linn, and Lane, surround Benton County, which remains in the High-Risk category. All Risk categories are in effect from April 30 to May 6. 

The only county near Benton that is not Extreme Risk is Lincoln, as that county also remains High Risk. 

The only other movement was Umatilla and Hood River moving from Moderate to High Risk, and Malheur moving from Lower Risk to Moderate Risk. Additionally, Douglas and Tillamook have moved down from High to Moderate Risk. 

Vaccine Rates 

Benton and Lincoln are ranked first and second, respectively, out of the 37 counties for percent of population with at least one shot of the vaccination. Lane County is ranked seventh, Polk is ranked tenth, and Linn is ranked twenty-second. 

At the rate vaccines are rolling out, as many as 75% of people could receive a vaccine by the beginning of the summer. 

Social distancing and wearing a mask remain extremely important in order to keep your home and your fellow Oregonians as safe as possible.  

For more information about new guidelines for vaccinated folks, click here. 

Curious about where and how to get a vaccine? Check Samaritan Health’s website here, and Benton County’s information page here.  

By: Hannah Ramsey