You’re Welcomegiving Day

In case you’ve ever wondered, yes, there is such a day as You’re Welcomegiving Day.  

It takes place annually on the day after Thanksgiving, but it’s substantially less commercialized and celebrated than Black Friday. It was designated by Richard Ankli of Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1977. You’re Welcomegiving Day is a National Holiday to remember to say “You’re Welcome,” according to 

“The phrase “you’re welcome” covers a variety of thank yous in English,” the site says. “Whether the appreciation is coming from an individual or a group, ‘you’re welcome’ works. It can be said while giving a hug, a handshake, or a smile. When we really mean that our effort was meant with care, ‘you’re very welcome’ goes a long way.’” 

It’s also apparently a good time to practice using different expressions than “you’re welcome,” such as “it was our pleasure” and “it was a delight having you.” You can observe the day by saying “you’re welcome” in your own way.  You can also share a story of someone who is always helping people, but is either gone when people go to thank them, or has an incredible way of saying something that means “you’re welcome.”  

Be sure to use the hashtag #YoureWelcomegivingDay on social media.  

By Kyra Young