Your Check’s in the Mail – No, Really

If you bought gasoline with a debit card at an ARCO or AM/PM station between the beginning of 2011 and the last day of August 2013, you were charged a fee which you may not have been properly informed of. So now, you may be entitled to repayment under a class action settlement which has finally been reached with the help of the Oregon Department of Justice and the nonprofit Oregon Consumer Justice. 

You may have already received a check for $94.42 and mistaken it for one of those annoying phony checks that often come with junk mail. It’s real, though, and Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum wants to make sure you know it. Last year, the first round of settlement checks went out, and more than a quarter of those were never cashed before they expired. To help people avoid making that mistake again, Oregon Consumer Justice urges people to visit ThisCheckIsReal ( or EsteChequeEsReal ( and to deposit those check right away. 

John M. Burt