Testing Completed at Oregon Senior Facilities

There are 23 assisted living facilities in Benton County, and 11 of those are in the city of Corvallis. Oregon as a whole has 683 nursing homes, retirement homes, memory-care homes, and assisted-living residences, and all of the staff working in them have now been tested for the novel coronavirus which causes COVID-19. So have all residents who consented to being tested, in a program which was begun by the facilities themselves at their own expense, and which since July has been organized and paid for by the state.     

Not all test results have been reported to Oregon’s Department of Human Services, but of those that were reported, 2.2 percent were positive, leading the state to estimate that about 1,130 of the 61,000 people who live and work at senior residential facilities are infected with the virus. Just short of 90 Oregon facilities have reported at least one case of COVID-19, and 290 residents have died, about half of the 581 confirmed deaths in Oregon since the pandemic began.     

Oregon Governor Kate Brown issued a statement reading in part, “We are one step closer to finding a way to strike the balance between keeping our long-term care facilities free of COVID-19, and making sure residents are able to have the family time that is so critical to their well-being and health.”     

Henceforth, facilities are required to test each worker at least once a month. Other protocols will be adopted as ODHS continues to study the situation.     

A complete list of Oregon facilities can be found here   

A complete list of protocols for senior residences can be found here.     

John M. Burt