Take a Survey, Win Better Odds for the Homeless

The Home, Opportunity, Planning and Equity (HOPE) Advisory Board – created to fulfill the vision for everyone in Benton County to have the opportunity to live in decent, safe, and affordable housing – is asking for input from the public.   

HOPE is asking the Benton County community to take online surveys on four priority topics by December 31.

Topic 1: Align Services  

This is a survey for the providers of services and is geared towards the goals of improving coordination between outreach and care, increasing the number of case managers, supporting folks so they can remain in homes, and collecting data from entry through permanent options. 

Topic 2: Location     

This survey addresses the concerns of 24/7 safe place for all populations lacking housing. A focus on this survey is how to manage the safety and needs of houseless individuals of different genders.  

Topic 3: Transitional Options 
Covering the topic of temporary housing options such as Community Outreach Inc (COI), Corvallis Housing First and Safe Place, as well as micro shelters, Conestoga huts, managed camping, car camping and RV camping in locations that provide safety and access to sanitary facilities and health services. 

Topic 4: Permanent Supportive Housing  

A survey aimed at providing affordable, community-based housing for those who have experienced long term/chronic homelessness, including access to apartments, houses, duplexes, group homes and single-room occupancy housing.   

HOPE is located at Benton County Health Department, 530 NW 27th Street in Corvallis, or call 541-766-6835. Hope serves Corvallis and rural Benton County. 

For additional information about Benton County’s focus on homelessness, watch The Advocate’s CitySpeak episode Homeless in Corvallis, 2020 Changes. 

The next meeting of the Advisory Board takes place on Dec 16 from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. If you’re interested in attending, go to the Housing and Homelessness website for details. Information will be posted on Dec 11.  

By Joanna Rosińska 

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