Sunday Showcase of New Plays: Majestic 8 Bonus Round Tomorrow at 2:30 PM

Majestic 8 Bonus Round
June 28th at 2:30pm
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  Each year, playwrights from around the state enter 10-minute plays into a local contest called the Majestic 8. As the name implies, only 8 plays are selected for performance out of the many fascinating works that are submitted. For this week’s Sunday Showcase, we’d like to offer a bonus round, a handful of plays that didn’t make the initial cut but nevertheless deserve some appreciation!
In “Teriyaki,” by Tom Miller, a couple’s regular outing for Asian food inspires conversation about their futures. Then, Kathy O’Brien’s “Going to Hell” takes a darkly humorous look a the manner in which religious differences can affect the way in which families process the death of a loved one. In “Left Turn,” by Paul Calandrino (produced by OCT last season), we are invited to contemplate just how difficult that difficult left turn can be.
Carol: Diane Slamp
Steve: Alisandre Wychersky
Kaylee: Rose Taylor
Left Turn
Donovan: Skyler Reed
Boo: Alisandre Wytchersky
Rachel: Arlee Olson
Cynthia (reporter): Anne Hubble
Going to Hell
Rosy: Arlee Olson
Katrina: Rose Taylor
Larry: Michael Wren
Father Green: Skyler Reed

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