Sunday Showcase of New Plays: A Sunday with Shakespeare

A Sunday with Shakespeare, Three Short Plays
written by Paul Ahrens, Rachel Kohler, and Cristina White
May 31 at 2:30pm
Facebook Live
True Dane: The Hamlet Saga
written by Cristina White
In the new millennium, William Shakespeare meets Hamlet’s twin sister Hamgetz, who insists she be included in the new fit-for-streaming version of Hamlet.
written by Rachel Kohler
The city is ravaged by highly contagious disease. The local government has banned public gatherings. The theatres are closed. But it’s not 2020, it’s 1593, and William Shakespeare is trying to bury his sorrows in wine as his friend Kit Marlowe attempts to cheer him up. Written for the University of Minnesota’s March Quarantine Bake-Off competition.

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