State Officials Begin Inspecting Workplaces for COID-19 Violations

Workers across Oregon are concerned their workplaces may put them at risk of exposure to coronavirus. The state Department of Consumer and Business Services announced that their division of Occupational Safety and Health (commonly called “Oregon OSHA”) has begun investigating worker complaints. 

California and Washington have shut down many industries completely, but Oregon Governor Kate Brown has allowed most Oregon employers to decide for themselves whether they can operate safely, only closing businesses that by nature involve person-to-person contact, or a draw crowds. Some Oregon businesses have taken voluntary measures to reduce risk of infection, including allowing more people to work from home and shutting down for cleaning. 

Employers will be given no advance warning of inspections. Infractions which are deemed serious will result in penalties.  While violations of the Governor’s stay-home order carry criminal penalties, violations of “Oregon OSHA” regulations will not, only civil fines. 

The division is taking worker complaints online. 


John M. Burt