Squirrels Tavern Expands Kitchen, Outdoor Seating

Squirrels Tavern, operating at 100 SW 2nd Street since 1974, is currently expanding its kitchen into the former home of the Corvallis Environmental Center, at 214 SW Monroe Avenue (prior to their relocation to 116 SW 4th Street). The former Environmental Center will serve primarily as storage space for food, allowing staff more flexibility in planning purchases of supplies. Currently, there aren’t any plans to add new dishes to the menu.    

Outdoor seating will be extended down the block in front of the building along Monroe Avenue, to the mouth of the alley. The distinctive gray tile exterior of the tavern won’t be extended any further along the face of the building, but a large smiling-squirrel Squirrels Tavern logo has been added to a window of the new space to signal the expansion. The mural on the alley side of the building, painted by the Environmental Center, remains.    

By John M. Burt