Solarize Corvallis Moves to Old Mill Project

Solarize Corvallis is a grassroots initiative aiming to install solar panels at as many community buildings as possible by the year 2025. Led by the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, in partnership with the Oregon Clean Power Cooperative, the initiative’s goals are to save energy, provide backup power sources, reduce the community’s carbon footprint, and set an example of sustainability. 

Working together with the Corvallis School District, the initiative has just completed its first project: the installation of a large solar array, visible from 35th Street, adjacent to the District’s central office. With an expected lifetime of 25+ years, the 150 kW ground-mounted solar project will maximize solar potential, reduce the amount of energy used in the District, and provide backup power in the event of a natural or manmade disaster. The solar array will also provide on-site learning for students.  

Next on the project agenda for Solarize Corvallis is the Old Mill Center for Children and Families. While the Old Mill Center’s building is currently closed because of the COVID-19 outbreakthe Sustainability Coalition hopes to have the new solar system funded and installed by the time the building reopens, so that when the children return, they are in a building that’s powered by the sun. 

To encourage donations to support Old Mill Center’s transition to 100% solar energy, the Sustainability Coalition is offering a dollar-for-dollar match through April 15, until the Coalition reaches their $30,000 goal. In addition to donating, community members have the opportunity to invest in the project through the Oregon Clean Power Cooperative. 

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By JD Brookbank