Shut-In Guide: Movies & Television

Quarantine & Chill

Binge-Worthy Streaming Picks
With the sudden impetus to “quarantine and chill,” we now have all the justification we need to binge on movies and television. Here is a list of services, prices, and some staff picks on what to watch. As with all guides like these, this list is totally and completely subjective. Enjoy!

A single-screen subscription to Netflix costs $8.99 per month. A great variety of shows and movies can be found on Netflix, as opposed to some other platforms that source directly from what they produce.

Some binge-worthy comedy television series include Parks and Recreation, The Office, New Girl, Grace and Frankie, Love, Workin Moms, and Schitt’s Creek.

Some lesser-known comedies we like are Derry Girls, the hilarious story of a group of girls and one boy growing up in the tumultuous times of Northern Ireland in the 1990’s, and Sex Education, the story of an awkward teen who starts profiting from his mom’s sex-pertise in school.

Puberty and sex-related comedy really abound on Netflix. Our last two recommendations in these categories are the cartoon series Big Mouth, which uses crude humor and puberty monsters to explore the trials of adolescence, and Bonding, which follows a sex worker and her newly enlisted best friend.

Of course, there’s a never-ending supply of stand-up comedy on Netflix — some recent favorites include Fortune Feimster’s Sweet & Salty and Simon Amstell’s Set Free. For a quirky, modern spin on a 90s kids TV special, check out John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch.

For those who enjoy learning and want to be absolutely stunned by the natural world, we recommend the documentaries One Strange Rock, Blue Planet, and Our Planet.

Some binge-worthy dramas are Shameless, The End of the F**cking World, The OA, and pacific northwest throwback Twin Peaks.

If you like true crime, The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez is a heartbreaking account of a boy who was failed by the system and gruesomely tortured and murdered by his guardians.

For more mystery and magic, watch the new Locke & Key drama, following a family that inherits a mansion with magical keys in the aftermath of the father’s tragic death, or revisit Stranger Things for some 80’s-style supernatural suspense.

In the higher cost range, HBO NOW costs $14.99 per month and can be purchased as an add-on from Hulu or through your cable provider.

Westworld just returned to HBO for its third season of futurism wrought with artificial consciousness in a simulated wild west setting.

Another recent addition is Watchmen, a graphic novel-based drama set in Tulsa, Ariz. following a white supremacist attack on local police that goes back to generations of conspiracy and corruption.

If you really want to binge deep, Game of Thrones is available in its eight seasons. We can’t promise a stellar ending, but the show will likely go down in history as the best medieval fantasy epic ever created.

For some laughs, watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, Silicon Valley, Girls, and Flight of the Concords.

More binge-worthy dramas include The Sopranos, Big Little Lies, and True Detective.

For a fantastical mystery series, His Dark Materials follows a girl on her journey of discovering missing children linked to a strange phenomenon called Dust.

Hulu costs a low $5.99 per month and is a hotbed for binge-worthy dramas and comedies.

Sci-fi horror series Castle Rock explores a Stephen King multiverse set in Maine.

On the comedy side of things, cartoon series Rick & Morty will have you “getting schwifty” while following the interdimensional travels of a belligerent grandpa and his weary grandson.

Back on the subject of puberty, Pen15 paints a cringe-worthy account of girlhood and teenage drama in the early 2000s. Another staple is Modern Family, a lighthearted documentary-style shot comedy exploring parenthood.

Continuing with the family trend, This is Us and Parenthood are well worth the binge. Both are tear jerkers, exploring themes of unconditional love and generational hardships. “In This is Us,” Milo Valentino and Mandy Moore show exquisite chemistry in a marriage cut short by death and tragedy. “In Parenthood,” a stellar cast comes together to explore family issues.

For a darker look at growing up, Euphoria features actress Zendaya, who plays the drug addicted Rue, who falls for her transgender best friend. The show follows the stories of each of her friends and how their experiences shape their high school identities and behaviors.

Last but not least, the comedy-drama series Atlanta follows young rappers grappling with the intersecting realities of rising success and street life.

We’ll admit, we don’t know much about Starz, except that they have a $5 for 3 months subscription deal right now.

This deal is worth every penny if you are a fan of Scotland, ancient lore, and above all else, love. If so, dive into all 5 seasons of Outlander, following a British army nurse from WW2 who is transported back in time to 1743 Scotland and falls in love with a charming warrior there, despite being married to his nemesis’ descendant.

Some good movie picks we saw featured on Starz were Being John Malkovich, a meta drama that explores the mind of actor and producer John Malkovich, and Sideways, a comedy drama about a trip to wine country filled with unbeknownst adultery.

Disney Plus
Disney Plus costs $6.99 per month, however, the service is free for an entire year to any Verizon customers.

Really, this one speaks for itself. Whatever Disney classics you hold dear, you are likely to find.

Of course, everyone is still raving over the adorable baby yoda in the newly produced live action Star Wars series The Mandalorian.

Frozen II finally hit the screens, along with other recent releases like Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, Toy Story 4, and Star Girl.
By Stevie Beisswanger