“Reopen Oregon” Rally Set for Salem Next Month

According to a recent event posted on Facebook, a group is attempting to organize a ReOpen Oregon” rally in Salem early next month. The effort is aimed at protesting Gov. Kate Brown’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” executive order, as well as the state of emergency declared to help stop the spread of COVID-19. 

The demonstration is being organized by Oregon Uniting for Liberty, which according to its website is a “purely grassroots group created by a handful of average working men and women of Oregon.” As of Thursday evening there were about 300 people listed as going to the event and about 1,300 listed as “interested.” 

As outlined at a Tuesday press conference, Gov. Brown’s plan for lifting the “stay-at-home” order relies on Oregon’s COVID-19 cases declining, and on the state having strong testing and treatment measures in place. Declining to give a specific date for reopening the economy, she claimed that “the disease controls the timing.” 

At least one Oregon elected official has expressed support for the Salem rally, as noted in a Portland Mercury report. Rep. Bill Post, a Republican who represents Keizer in the Oregon House, posted about the event on his Facebook page, encouraging his followers to attend while also asking them to take health precautions.  

Most scientists agree that Oregon has far fewer COVID-19 infections because of the governor’s executive orders, and that public events such as the one planned for by Oregon Uniting for Liberty increase the potential for transmission.  

By JD Brookbank 

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