Rebates on Zero Emission Vehicles Restored for Low and Moderate Income Oregonians

On February 4, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality announced they resumed processing cash rebates for low-to-moderate-income Oregonians who purchased or leased zero-emission vehicles.  

The rebates may be valued up to $2,500 for qualified new or used electric or hybrid cars purchased through an authorized dealer after September 29, 2019.   

The program was previously suspended in 2018, so there is a backlog of unprocessed applications. According to, The DEQ hired a third-party administrator, The Center for Sustainable Energy, to verify eligibility using appropriate security measures. After processing the backlog, CES will process new applications in the order received.   

HOW TO CHECK IF YOU QUALIFY: To qualify, the recipient’s household income must be lower than120 percent of the median income for their nearest city. A single Corvallis resident is eligible providing they earned no more than $76,334 in 2019. A family of four qualifies with a household income of $100,440 in 2019. To find out whether your household qualifies for the rebate, use the state of Oregon Charge Ahead Income eligibility Calculator  

The Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program is funded through a tax paid by car dealers to the Department of Environmental Quality. The state receives $12 million a year through this tax and has issued $9 million in rebates between December 2018 and January 2020.  

For more details, visit the Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate website.  

By Samantha Sied