Quarantine Cat Film Festival Call For Cat Videos

Your Cat
Will Help Save
Independent Cinemas

– Submit Your Best Cat Videos
– Cash Prizes To The Winners
– Proceeds Support Your Local Cinema

Independent Cinemas Need Your Cat Videos

Now that we are all quarantined at home with our cats, let us use this time to raise money for independent cinemas across the country. Videos selected will be joined with others, becoming the Quarantine Cat Film Festival. Your local cinema, through their online virtual theater, will sell tickets to the film, and receive 50% of the net proceeds. With your help, we are hoping cats will help to save independent movie theaters through this unprecedented quarantine.

When Will This Be Available To Watch?

We are looking to release the Quarantine Cat Film Festival in virtural theaters June 19th, 2020. Compiled exclusively from videos submitted by cat owners, this festival will be comprised of the funniest and cutest cat videos for everyone to enjoy! This 70-minute long compilation will be the most purr-fect, a-meow-zing, and totally fur-tastic cat videos anyone has ever seen!

How Do I Win?

The videos will be judged in four categories: Cutest, Funniest, Bravest, and Most Loving. There will be a Best Of Show award as well. The videos will be judged by cat experts who are very opinionated. The cash prize amounts will be determined closer to the film’s release. Anyone involved with Breakin Enterprises or has any relation to the judges will not be eligible for any prizes. Winners will be notified before the release of the film and identified in the film.

Submission Deadline & Rules

Please submit videos by May 19th

– 2 gb limit per video
– Up to 3 videos per household
– Maximum length of 30 seconds per video
– Please don’t add music to your videos
– Row House has the right to reject any movie for content or technical failure

Here Is Where You Submit!

Step 1: Application

Fill out the Submission Form below, then click “Submit”. You will automatically be taken to Step 2.

Step 2: Terms & Conditions

Fill out your name and email again, then agree to the terms & conditions at the bottom of the page. You will automatically be taken to Step 3.

Step 3: Video Upload

Upload you video(s), then you will be asked your name and email a 3rd time (sorry about that).

Then you are good to go. We will let you know if everything looks good or if there is a problem.

Simple Tech Specifications

Holding a smart phone sideways and recording in HD will suffice

For The More Tech Savvy

– Video MUST be horizontal
– Flat format – 1998 x 1080
– Frame rate – 24 fps or 30 fps
– Audio can be up to 5.1 surround
– Acceptable formats include mp4, mov, m4v only

Visit https://rowhouse.online/cats to submit