Pirates on the Loose Again

Porch pirates. A charming name for a grubby little crime.  

At a time when people are buying things by mail order more than ever before, there exists a trend that has greatly accelerated due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Some think of those packages left on doorsteps and see it as an opportunity to steal. There are people like that in Corvallis, and both the police and the general public are aware of them and are watching for them and are setting traps for them. 

A porch pirate was spotted by a Corvallis resident who mentioned it on the Facebook page “Corvallis Conversations,” describing the thief as a man in an older model, dark blue Honda Accord, wearing gray hoodie and a “covid mask” that covered everything but his eyes. He arrived shortly after the delivery truck had left. A person commenting on the post suggested he had been following the truck “like those little fish that follow a shark.”  

Other commenters mentioned that South Town residents tell shippers that if they’re not home, items can be left at the First Alternative Co-op’s South Town store, and people living at the north end of Corvallis could have a package delivered to the Michaels craft store on north 9th Street. All commenters seemed to agree that delivery by the U.S. Postal Service is more secure since they don’t normally leave a package on a porch. 

Besides the stores mentioned above, there are other services in Corvallis which provide for secure delivery. Alternatively, secure delivery boxes and, as reported by RetailWire, delivery doors can be bought or built. 

The Corvallis Police Department is cracking down on porch pirates by placing “bait” packages in areas known for these thieves and watching to see if anyone shows up to steal them. 

If citizens and police together are vigilant and careful, would-be porch pirates will find slim pickings, and be fearful of being caught. In an environment like that, it could be that before long pirates would be found in Corvallis only on the 19th of September

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