OSU Graduate Student Employees Protest at Provost’s Lecture

Graduate employees and students gathered to protest in OSU Provost and Executive Vice President Edward Feser’s weekly lecture last Wednesday, February 19. The group brought a petition with them in hopes of Feser signing it. Feser declined to do so after reading the petition.   

This protest is yet another chapter in a series of wranglings between the Coalition of Graduate Employees (CGE) and the Oregon State administration. The petition specifically calls for an OSU employee salary cap of $186,000, more affordable housing, and a hold on tuition and fees for grad students and employees.   

OSU PROVOST AND VICE-PRESIDENT REACT: The protest was a surprise, and gained some negative feedback from Feser due to it infringing upon class time, which goes against OSU’s free speech policy.   

The Vice President of University Relations and Marketing, Steve Clark, stated that seven bargaining sessions between CGE and OSU administration have already occurred, and more are expected.   

For now, the graduate employees will be under the same conditions they have been previously, and bargaining between the two parties will continue until they can come to an agreement.  

By Cara Nixon