OSU Drops Admissions Tests, SAT and ACT

Last Wednesday, OSU announced that it would no longer require undergraduate applicants to submit standardized testing scores in order to be eligible for admission to the university.  

On the same day, PSU and UO made the same announcement, putting the three on the same page as EOU, OIT, WOU, SOU, and OHSU – meaning that the state now has eight major universities that have made standardized test scores optional.  

Oregon’s certainly not alone in this decision. In a university-wide email, Provost Edward Feser stated that “across the nation, more than 1,000 four-year universities, including almost 400 top-tier four-year universities and colleges, have either abandoned standardized testing altogether or now provide students the option to take such tests.”  

The announcements cited research showing the strong positive connection between family income and student performance on standardized tests as an important factor in their decision. Feser’s email in particular also cited a report given by Vice Provost Jon Boeckenstedt.  

“Going to test-optional admissions is consistent with OSU’s values as a land grant research university that is committed to inclusive excellence,” said Feser. “Research conducted nationally for many years has demonstrated that standardized admissions are very limited in predicting a students’ academic performance in college.”  

More information can be found at www.admissions.oregonstate.edu  

By Thomas Nguyen