Oregon Wild Webcast Welcomes Advocates for Habitat Recovery

  Oregon Wild, an organization dedicated to the legislative protection of Oregon landscapes, is hosting a free Webcast on Wednesday, May 13 at 6 p.m., titled “Advocating for Engendered Species and Imperiled Landscapes.” 

Many once endangered and iconic wildlife of the West are making a comeback, including wolves, condors, sea otters, and grizzly bears. However, it wasn’t long ago that these species were on the verge of extinction. Recovery for these wildlife and their habitats is likely to encounter hardships and legal barriers, which Oregon Wild seeks to confront. 

“The return of these incredible creatures, both great and small, as well as the habitats they rely on, will require the hard work and passion of citizen activists who advocate on their behalf and hold decision-makers accountable,” as described in the presentation’s webpage. 

The presentation will also address endangered landscapes in Oregon, specifically the Coast Range rainforest and the threatened wildlife that call it home. 

Oregon Wild welcomes any and all wildlife and landscape advocates to use their voices for wildlife “that aren’t able to speak for themselves.” 

Founded in 1974, Oregon Wild has aided in the protection of nearly 1.7 million acres of Wilderness, 95,000 acres of forests in Bull Run/Little Sandy watersheds, and almost 1,800 miles of Wild & Scenic Rivers. 

Visit the link above to complete the two-part registration process. The second step must be completed for access to the presentation.