Oregon Suicide Rate Above National Average

  2019 Oregon Suicide Stats & Resources

The suicide rate, measured by the number of deaths due to intentional self-harm per 100,000 people, is up in Oregon, from 18.5 in 2018 to 19.6 in 2019. This is higher than the national average, which was reported as 14.5 for last year. In fact, all of the data reported by America’s Health Rankings (AHR) and Oregon.gov shows that Oregon’s suicide statistics are higher than the national average in each demographical category.

Females in Oregon committed suicide at a rate of 9.2, which is 2.9 times higher than the national average of 6.3. The rate of males was 30.6, much higher than the  U.S. average of 23.3.

Among all ages, men are more likely to commit suicide than women. Rates are highest among men aged 65 and older, at 44.7. Females, however, are more likely to commit suicide between the ages of 45 and 64, with a rate of 14.4. The youngest age range is from 10 to 17, where the male rate is 8.9, and the female rate is 4.5.

AHR does not have statistics for all races represented in Oregon. However, in a 2017 report, Oregon.gov showed that Pacific Islanders, American Indians/Alaska Natives, and Caucasians in Oregon were much more likely to commit suicide, at the respective rates of 22.5, 21.4, and 20.1. People who identified with two or more races had a rate of 12.3, African-Americans 10.8, Hispanic/Latinos 7.8, and the Asian population 7.7.

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please get the necessary help.

• Call the National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK

• Call an Oregon Suicide Hotline: www.suicide.org/hotlines/oregon-suicide-hotlines.html

• Call the Benton County Mental Health Crisis Hotline: 1-888-232-7192

• Attend a Support Group in Corvallis: www.suicide.org/support-groups/oregon-suicide-support-groups.html

• If you’re a student, consult with Counseling and Psychological Services: 541-737-2131

By Cara Nixon