Oregon Seeks Healthcare Professionals for State Volunteer Registry

The Oregon Health Authority is recruiting health care professionals for the State Emergency Registry of Volunteers in Oregon (SERV-OR). The registry volunteers strengthen OHA’s capacity for both containing COVID-19 and responding to future emergencies.  

According to the state’s website, SERV-OR is the state’s roster of licensed physicians, nurses, pharmacists, emergency medical technicians, behavioral health providers, respiratory therapists and others who have registered to volunteer in response to local, state, and/or federal emergencies.  

SERV-OR volunteers may support in a variety of ways, including assisting with medical casualty triage and staffing shelters or information hotlines. OHA is planning for volunteers to be part of the state’s COVID-19 recovery effort by supporting contact tracing, testing, and other community wellness campaigns. The state offers training before deployment.  

More than 800 volunteered since March.  “When our health care system was preparing for the worst of this, volunteer health care workers answered the call,” said Governor Kate Brown. “I want to commend all our health care professionals and volunteers for their incredible work protecting the lives, safety, and wellness of Oregonians during this crisis.”  

For more information or to register, visit SERV-OR.org.  

By Samantha Sied