Oregon Minimum Wage Earners to Get Raise on July 1

As per the bill passed in 2016 by the Oregon Legislature, providing annual minimum wage increases, come July 1 this year, there will be an additional $0.75 increase per hour for minimum wage earners in Benton county.  

As Benton county falls into the standard county zone this will bring the minimum wage in Corvallis to $12.00 an hour in the coming weeks, in 2021 $12.75, and by 2022 $13.50. The bill was passed to keep Oregon wages adjusted to scale based on inflation measured by the Consumer Price Index

 The bill also separates counties into 3 different zones. Standard zones receive the base rate , Portland Metro (Washington, Clackamas, and Multnomah counties receive $1.25 an hour over the standard minimum wage, and Nonurban counties receive $1 less per hour than the minimum wage by 2023. Come this July 1, the Portland Metro area will have a $13.25 minimum wage and Non-Urban Counties will have an $11.50 an hour minimum wage.   

By Sam Schultz