Oregon House Votes to Make Healthcare a Right

  The Oregon House of Representatives voted to propose an amendment to the Oregon Constitution that establishes a state obligation to ensure every resident has access to health care.   

Corvallis Rep Dan Rayfield was among the 36 representatives who voted yes on House Joint Resolution 202. 21 voted no while the remaining three didn’t vote on this bill. The bill was sent to the senate desk where they will consider and vote on the House’s endorsement.   

If HJR 202 passes the Senate, then voters will have the opportunity to decide whether to amend the Oregon State constitution. If so, it may become a referendum during the November 2020 election. The summary of HJR 202 contains the following text:  

“Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution establishing obligation of state to ensure every resident of state access to cost-effective, clinically appropriate and affordable health care. Requires state to balance obligation to ensure health care with funding of public schools and other essential public services.”  

The senate’s first reading is scheduled for February 18, according to oregonlegislature.gov  

By Samantha Sied