Oregon COVID-19 Timeline

Even with statewide and local organizations doing what they can to contain the virus, things have been getting pretty hectic in response to COVID-19. With events and announcement often happening within mere hours of each other, we’ve put together this timeline to help keep things organized:

Feb. 28
The Coronavirus Response Team is established preemptively. Just hours later, Oregon’s first confirmed case of COVID-19 is found in Lake Oswego, believed to be at Forest Hills Elementary.

Mar. 11
OSU announces that it will be moving as many final exams as possible to a virtual format, and that weeks 1-4 of spring term will be conducted online.

COVID-19 is confirmed to have spread to Lebanon, with two senior citizens living at the Edward C. Allworth Oregon Veterans’ Home testing positive for the virus. In response, the Oregon Health Authority sends a response team to test the other residents and control the infection.

Mar. 12
Gov. Brown announces a statewide closure on all K-12 schools, lasting from Mar. 16 to Mar. 31. Additionally, the governor announced a statewide ban on public gatherings of more than 250 people.

LBCC announces that it will be shifting as many finals exams as possible to a virtual format, and that at least the first two weeks of spring term courses will be conducted online, where possible.

Mar. 13
The city of Corvallis announces the temporary closure of several facilities, along with the cancellation of many events. Notably, residents who have had their water service shut off due to unpaid bills will have their water access returned for the next 30 days.

Mar. 14 
The OHA announces the first confirmed death from coronavirus in Oregon: a 70 year-old man who was being treated at the Portland Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center.

Mar. 15
Gov. Brown announces a closure on dine-in services for all bars and restaurants. However, dining establishments can still make take-out and delivery orders! For a list of local restaurants that are making take-out orders, visit our website at www.corvallisadvocate.com.

Eight new cases of COVID-19 are confirmed, bringing the new total up to 47.

Mar. 16
Two Corvallis residents test positive for COVID-19. However, both individuals are currently out of the area, staying with relatives in Washington during the quarantine.

Mar. 17
Gov. Brown announces that the statewide public school closure will be extended to Apr. 28. This was part of Executive Order 20-08.

This timeline will be updated as information regarding COVID-19 continues to arise.

By Thomas Nguyen