Oregon Attorney General Warns Some Banking Apps Hacked

  Mobile banking apps have always been convenient for quick transfers and checking available balances. Now, with the pandemic having shut down most bank lobbies for months, we’ve all embraced these apps. However, during this time of increased usage the FBI has warned against dangerous hackers.  

According to a recent press release from Oregon Department of Justice “the Oregon Attorney General and the Oregon Bankers Association are warning Oregonians to be on high alert for cyber actors exploiting these platforms using app-based banking trojans and fake banking apps.” These banking trojans hide on your device and steal personal information from legitimate apps downloaded to your phone.  

So what can you do to keep yourself safe from potential hackers? Here are three tips to follow in order to keep your information secure: 

  1. Only download verifiable banking apps, which are often linked to the respective banking website. If you are unsure of an app’s credibility, call your bank to verify BEFORE downloading.  
  2. Use two-step verification (e.g. setting or changing your password then confirming through an email or text). 
  3. Create strong, unique passwords for every site. Do not reuse the same, simple name or phrase. 

Lastly, if you believe that you have downloaded a fake or compromised banking app,  go Oregon’s Debarment of Justice Consumer Protection  site or call 1-877-877-9392 to file a complaint and protect future victims. 

By Emily Weninger  

For more information on computer and mobile security: www.consumer.ftc.gov/topics/online-security  

Link to ODJ Press Release: https://www.doj.state.or.us/media-home/news-media-releases/hackers-are-targeting-mobile-banking-apps/