OLCC To Begin Testing Cannabis

In response to a public health crisis that arose last year around vaping liquids, The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will begin random testing of Oregon’s cannabis products for unapproved ingredients.    

During 2019, vaping was linked to 22 cases of illness and two deaths in Oregon. In a twist that harks back to the days of moonshiners producing whiskey poisoned with wood alcohol or worse, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concluded that in most cases, the liquid which contained the harmful substances was not a commercial brand at all, but an illegally produced and distributed bootleg product.  

OLCC will eventually conduct routine inspections of dispensaries to look for dangerous “e-juice,” however during the coronavirus emergency, OLCC director Steve Marks says that they’re expecting the cannabis industry to “act responsibly” and that “applicants are expected to abide by all of the rules.”   

“If they do not, they will be subject to violations,” he warned, “and the OLCC will act quickly in order to ensure public safety.”