Navigating the Holidays and Safety During COVID-19

The holiday season looks a little different this year, and Nasim Talebreza-May, clinical program manager at the Center for Community Counseling in Eugene, reminds that it is important to note the position we find ourselves in.  

“Trying to balance this idea of family and tradition and what we want – versus what we know we should probably do,” she said to KLCC. 

On one hand, staying home will ensure that COVID-19 isn’t contracted or spread. 

“And then on the other hand, we have years of tradition with our families of gathering together,” Talebreza-May said. “Here is a big decision that we have to make of whether or not we go home and you know, if two families gather together – then who gets left out?” 

Rather than making statements about people’s experiences or choices, Talebreza-May asked questions such as ‘Do I want to make sacrifices for the greater good?’ or ‘If I’m feeling ok, does that mean that grama is going to be safe after I leave?’ 

“Is this holiday worth it possibly being the last holiday that we are all healthy and well?” 

Whether you are afraid or anxious, sad or feeling guilty, discussing this with someone who will listen is incredibly important, Talebreza-May said. 

The Center for Community Counseling in Lane county will be operating throughout the holidays, including Christmas Eve and New Year ‘s Eve.  

Benton County is currently at Extreme Risk level for COVID-19 and has had 11 deaths. Plus, the county has a help line available to everyone. Taking the risk of exposing yourself or your loved ones to COVID-19 at this juncture might be a bigger risk than you need right now. 

For free and confidential crisis counseling, text OREGON to 741741 anytime.  

By: Hannah Ramsey