Majesticpiece Theatre: Lysistrata Slams the Doors Saturday 7:30 PM

Lysistrata Slams the Doors
by Aristophanes
adapted by and directed by Cory Warren
June 13th at 7:30pm
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Appropriate Audiences (Sexual Humor)
After 30 years of war between the various Greek armies, Lysistrata of Athens decides the time has come for action. Calling to her cause woman from the many states of Greece, she sets out to bring the men to their knees by women refusing to do the same themselves. Until the men agree to forge a lasting peace, and end the Peloponnesian war once and for all, the women of Greece will deny them their “wifely responsibilities”. A battle of the sexes to end the bloodshed, in a new adaptation, civil disobedience is placed at the forefront, as desperation and self-sacrifice reveals the inner steel one would be a fool to ignore any longer.
From the Director:
Having long been a fan of this play, written nearly two and a half thousand years ago, when given the chance from the Majestic Theatre, I jumped as a chance to present a new production of it. This decision was made the Friday before the death of George Floyd, and as director, I was seriously considering choosing another play, for fear of doing a work about civil disobedience and protest at a time in which we are living through the events that have transpired over the last few weeks. But as I began to work, adapting from a text believed by scholars to have been written by Oscar Wilde, I knew that this play was the right choice.