Majestic Theatre’s Summer Nights Live (Virtual Summer Camp)

Welcome to Majestic Theatre’s Summer Nights Live, their Virtual Adventure Camp for kids ages 9-17.
What is Summer Nights Live, you ask? It is their version of a late-night sketch show, where the skits, the commercials, and the hosting/monologue are all done by you!
Join in from July 13 to August 1, where it all culminates in a one night only live event to showcase your talents!
You will begin by signing up and picking anything you would be interested in doing: improv, creating a script for a sketch, making virtual backgrounds, creating a puppet show, making a “fake commercial,” doing voiceover work with an animation you create, musical numbers, hosting or emceeing, or doing a funny monologue about current events. The list goes on!
On the first day of camp you will be split into large groups online based on your interests and will talk amongst yourselves to pick basic ideas of content as well as teaming up with a group of 2-5 to work with virtually.
From then on, you will be given daily 60 minute meetings in the morning to work with each other and an instructor on different aspects of your sketch, from writing to performing it.
Instructors will work with you on a multitude of techniques! Instructors can help with technical elements like props, costumes, or virtual backgrounds. Instructors will also assist with improv skills, movement, camera techniques, and script/song creation and delivery.
After your meeting with the instructor, you are able to work in the afternoon independently (or with your team virtually) on your piece. Instructors will have virtual office hours in the afternoon that you can come to with questions, as well. You will also have varying fun breakouts and group sessions for skill-building and exercise throughout the camp which may include movement exercises or fun, easy craft projects.
Each Monday we will also have a big group meeting for fun team-building and virtual games, as well as a check-in about your process and any questions you may have.
The “hours” of camp are M-F 10 am – 4 pm, but rely on you to work with your group within these hours to complete your sketch by tech week: July 27-August 1.
Tech week (July 27-August 1) will bring us all together to practice the show in order with feedback from instructors and work with technical elements, recording the final skits and putting them all together. Finally, we will stream this recording Saturday, August 1 at 6 pm for your friends and families on Facebook. This will be saved and sent to Youtube for you to peruse and share whenever you want!
Join in this foray into the virtual world of camera work, animation, and improv! If you are still curious about the format, check out Studio C for some ideas!
It is $175 for Corvallis residents and $218 for out-of-town residents with opportunities for scholarship.
(This difference is due to taxes in-city residents pay to assist with city programs)
Questions, comments? Contact us at