Local Pay Gaps Show Racial Disparity

Corvallis’ Pay Gap

Income Inequality Especially High Among Races
According to the Portland Business Journal, as of April 2019, Oregon’s gender pay gap – while comparatively smaller than in other states – is wider when it comes to the race pay gap. This means that, though the difference between men and women’s pay is narrower than elsewhere in the United States, the split among races is more significant.

According to Data USA’s report, the average male salary in Corvallis is $61,970, while the average female salary is $48,053. The most significant gap occurs in managerial positions; men in these roles earn an average of $96,287, while women earn $71,970 – a difference of $24,317. The split is also noticeable among the four other most common occupation categories in Oregon – drivers and sales workers with a difference of $15,367, secretaries and administrative assistants with one of $5,724, retail salespeople with one of $13,501, and customer service representatives with one of $4,619.

Generally, Asian, white, and Alaska Native individuals are the highest earners in Corvallis, with average salaries of $56,926, $47,707, and $40,267, respectively. The race pay gap in Corvallis varies greatly across fields. Within managerial positions, both Asian and black individuals are paid the most, at $91,490 and $87,552 respectively, with white individuals averaging $82,890, mixed race $70,322, Native Americans $66,520, Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders $65,107, and all “others” $72,988. Native Americans lead for secretary and administrative assistant positions at $40,546, while black individuals lead in the retail salespeople category at $32,048. Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders make the most in the customer service representatives category at $30,735.

This data was released in 2017 – none has been released since.

By Cara Nixon