Local Company Pioneers DIY Essential Oil Maker

Homemade Essential Oils Made Easy

Local Company Pioneers Extraction Process

After several years of development and promotion, a Corvallis-born business has streamlined the process of DIY oil extraction down to just five simple steps.

Founded in 2012 by Bill Dean and David Hackleman, OilExTech got its start as a research project at OSU focused on small-scale distillation of oils. The two men, along with three graduate students, discovered an efficient method of oil extraction using microwave ovens. From there, the men began a two and a half year development process.

Working first out of Hackleman’s garage, OilExTech saw its fair share of trial and error – occasionally in the form of fire and melted bits of metal, but such is the price of innovation. From this process of research and development came the EssenEx, a safe and efficient device that allows users to extract essential oils using their own microwave oven.

The EssenEx is simple to use, allowing a person to extract their desired essential oils within minutes, as opposed to the hours taken by other methods. In fact, there are really only five steps between you and homemade essential oils of your choosing.

Able to extract high quality oils from lavender, hemp, orange zest, and more, the EssenEx is a versatile tool that opens up new possibilities for professionals and enthusiasts alike. The current price for the EssenEx 100E kit is $199, and it comes with everything needed for oil extraction in your own microwave. Though there are certainly products that are cheaper or capable of larger-scale production, the EssenEx stands out by finding a balance between affordability, efficiency, and ease of use. No pipes and pressurizers that look suspiciously like a backwoods moonshine distillery, and practically no mess made.


• Freeze your cone of ice overnight in the mould provided.

• Then, fill the EssenEx glass container with your preferred plant material, and place the beaker and microwave shield in the container.

• Attach the ice core onto the lid’s knob and place the lid on the container. Place the container and a mug of water in the microwave and run it for six to eight minutes.

• Let the product sit for fifteen minutes, and you’ve got your own oils, ready to be separated and used for everything from aromatherapy to insect repellent.

For more information, visit www.oilextech.com

Pictures taken either in person or used with permission from OilExTech