Local Art Galleries Go Online

Thankfully, there are still ways to support local artists during quarantine. Here’s a list of what some of our local galleries are doing during the current pandemic.  

Art in the Valley   

The Art in the Valley gallery features art from artists across the Willamette Valley. From acrylic paintings and woodwork to photography and glass art, this gallery serves a wide audience of art enthusiasts. Though the gallery is currently closed due to COVID-19, pieces from the artists they host are still available to view and buy by contacting the artist individually. Each artist on the Art in the Valley website has their own page filled with their personal work and contact information. Check out their website for more information.   


Fairbanks Gallery  

This OSU gallery features monthly installments by local artists. The gallery is closed until June 14, but Fairbanks is still planning on holding a virtual Graduating Senior BFA Exhibition here on Tuesday, May 26. Though all upcoming in-person exhibitions are cancelled, you can still learn more about past exhibitions here  




 The Arts Center  

The Arts Center, considered a creative hub for local art enthusiasts in Corvallis, is currently closed until further notice due to the pandemic. However, The Arts Center is continuing to do all they can to keep the creativity flowing. An artist and one of their pieces is featured every day on their Facebook page, and they have also created a virtual art gallery on Facebook where locals can share their art with others. New art is posted often and is sure to inspire you to create on your own. Additionally, you can still view artists and their work on The Arts Center website  


Giustina Gallery  

The Giustina Gallery in the LaSells Stewart Center is working remotely with clients. You can view and learn more about past, current, and future art exhibits here. As the largest gallery in the Willamette Valley, there is much to be admired right from your own home.   





RemarkableArts, created by locals Adrienne Fritze and Mark van der Pol, usually host artists in the Business Enterprise Center in Corvallis, as well as in other locations across the west coast. Their art can always be found online here.  

By Cara Nixon