Kell’s Kitchen Says Goodbye

Local food truck Kell’s Kitchen has closed. In his farewell posts on social media, owner Dave Kell attributed the closure to changed city rules, and growing county fees.  

On January 2, Kell posted to the food truck’s Instagram and Facebook pages: “New Year’s resolution RETIRE thank you to everyone in Corvallis and surrounding areas that have supported me in these past two years. Goodbye for now”  

He elaborated on his reasons in the comments section of his Facebook post. “If I went 1 day into the new year Benton County would have changed me another year of property tax and Dept. of Health fees,” he writes. “That was one of the factors in me closing. They add new fees every year and the city also made changes to their rules.  

“I think as a prerequisite to be in government you need to own your own business first so you can see that small changes in rules and taxes can put someone out of business”  

The announcement was met with an outpouring of support from the community, many of whom lamented the loss of the “best burger in town.” There was some speculation that Kell’s departure may be temporary, based on his comment “Goodbye for now,” or that he might be considering a brick and mortar location, neither of which he responded to.  

Kell had previously expressed dismay over city fees, posting in November “Benton county is charging us property tax on our food carts is there other counties doing this?”  

By Brandon Urey 

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated Dave Kell said he was closing based on growing city fees, when in fact he stated the decisional factors were county fees, and changes in city rules.