Historic Fire & Wind Called “Once in a Generation Event”

In a press conference on Sept. 8, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said that the current spread of wild fires across the state were a “once in a generation event” and urged caution. 

As reported by KOIN news, Brown said, “We know our losses are going to be great, but we know that Oregon is strong, and we’ll stand together. To all the Oregonians that have been impacted by these fires, our hearts go out to you, and please know we will do everything we can to assist in recovery efforts. 

Andrew Phelps of the Office of Emergency Management urged people to stay connected to news sources as things develop. He added that Oregonians need to continue to be prepared to deal with fire and smoke. 

The Department of Oregon Forestry considers this wild fire season historic due to the extreme dry conditions and high winds.  

Brown added that seasons like the current one could become more common because of changing weather patterns. 

At this point, it is unknown if any injuries have occurred related to these fires.