Hidden Gem: NutSac Man Bags

High Quality Man Bags, Dammit

Picture this: you’re driving down Circle Blvd. and all of the sudden your small child says, “Mom, what’s a NutSac?”

If you answered their question with anything other than “high-quality bags designed right here in Corvallis, Oregon!” you’d be wrong.

NutSac Bags was founded by Corvallisites Greg Kise and Matt David, and was born out of the idea of creating everyday bags for men. This Corvallis company offers impressive designs and names, such as the “Man-Bag, Dammit,” the “Mag-Satch,” and “Muy Grande.” The bags come in a wide array of sizes, from wallets to duffel bags – all crafted out of the finest American-made materials, including waxed-canvas and full-grained leather.

The Man Bags
“Made in the USA is in our DNA,” NutSac’s website proudly boasts.

The owners explain their pride in American-made products as a realization of their own American Dream. American-made means jobs in America, the website explains, and the ability to work closely with production teams to ensure high quality products.

Their investment in American labor allows the duo to avoid any moral gray areas with overseas manufacturing. While they source most of their materials from the east coast and their main factory is in Chicago, their offices and headquarters are here in Corvallis.

The Cost
The cost of these unique, high-quality, American-made bags is relatively high — but nothing about their production or manufacturing process is cheap.

Their “Clipster” leather wallet costs $69, while their most expensive product, the “RuckSac,” runs at $365.

One reason for these prices might be the unique and historical values of their New England suppliers. Their waxed-canvas comes from Fairfield Textiles in New Jersey, an operation that has been around since 1838, and one of only three producers of waxed-canvas in the world. Their leather distributor has been around since 1897, and became famous for creating leather coverings for artificial limbs of veterans injured in the Civil War.

The Name
The name NutSac allegedly comes from the founders’ experience of critics calling them nuts for wanting to manufacture a product in America when cheaper options exist overseas. To a bystander without knowledge of the origin of the name, NutSac could seem accidentally humorous or created by an unwitting person. Perhaps the name NutSac is in and of itself a clever marketing scheme – driving down Circle Blvd., you cannot help but notice their sign at the Highland intersection, undoubtedly prompting many passersby to Google the company.

The founders, Matt and Greg, claim innocence on their website, saying that the double meaning of NutSac was not intentional: “We’ve heard that some unscrupulous people make rude double-entendres on our name, but we disavow all such behavior.”

In any event, knowledge of this Hidden Gem will help you avoid awkward conversations with young children, and could inspire you to purchase your very own American-made man-bag, while supporting local Corvallis entrepreneurs.

By Lydia Parker