Help Your Local Alt Media: Volunteer, Subscribe, Reach Out

In the last several months, you’ve seen The Advocate’s transformation – and our calls for help from our community.   

The majority of our support comes from venues and restaurants, so in this unprecedented time, we are asking those who are able to help our reporters with funding, volunteer hours, or whatever they can offer.  

Our readers find value in our constructive brand of journalism that gives a voice to the voiceless, and tells stories you wouldn’t otherwise hear. Please consider taking a moment to pay that vision forward by subscribing and donating.  

Could you volunteer?  

Help support our eclectic team.  They’re dedicated to thoughtful homebrewed journalism at a time when our community most needs shared understanding and vision. With the current circumstances, we find ourselves spread thin in every area of operation:  

Reporting staff support: If you can take accurate notes during interviews or perform online records checking and research, we need you. You don’t have to write, we just need amazingly thorough notes.  

But, if you want to write: If you’re an experienced wordsmith that wouldn’t mind doing some writing, this is of course welcomed.  

Photography: Have a car, camera and some spare time? We have a shortage of readily available photographers/videographers, and would love the help.  

Audio and video: As we move to offer more online material, we need real help in these areas. It turns out knowing how to write a headline does not qualify one for audio/video work, nosiree. Even if you can just teach us, it would be invaluable.  

Anything else you can think of: If you’re currently outside The Advocate, and seeing a glaring need we’re unaware of, by all means, please let us know. We’re all in this together, so your awareness is crucial not only for the paper, but the community at large.  

Please contact us at