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We need your help. In the last two years, many have stepped in to turn The Advocate around, but the pandemic shutdown, while necessary, has reduced our revenue by almost half.  

Please consider donating and subscribing.  In the coming weeks and months, our community’s locally-owned businesses will need help from us – they will need our increased coverage as they navigate the pandemic, and as they reopen, and only you can make that possible.   

Likewise, as an Advocate reader, we hope you value our mission of offering a voice for the voiceless, or telling stories that you otherwise wouldn’t hear. Even if you don’t always agree with our coverage, we seek to create understanding of our fellow human beings – to maybe build a bridge.  

Constructive journalism: As an Advocate reader, you value a brand of journalism that prioritizes thoroughness over speed – where what’s run is considered by experienced editors that care about empowering you with useful information.  We still make errors, like any other news organization, but we avoid stoking fear and polarization. We value being helpful. Of course, this is a unique approach nowadays, and it takes people like you to support it.  

We’re in this together:  Most of Oregon’s legacy daily papers are now owned from outside the state, and during the last election, we noticed almost all of them endorsed contrary to how most Oregonians voted – Corvallis was not an exception. In other words, the people at homegrown newspapers – because their daily lived experiences are similar to their neighbors – can more accurately portray the subtle weaves that create a community’s tapestry.   

We hope you value our work in the community – as much as we value having your support, and being your neighbors. 

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