Goat Happy Hour: No Drinks Required

Direct to the state of Oregon from the creator of Goat Yoga, comes Goat Happy Hour – a pandemic-friendly way to relieve stress and experience nature. Lainey Morse, owner of No Regrets Farm & Sanctuary, has created the excursion as part of a mission to help people through this anxiety ridden time.   

No Regrets Farm & Sanctuary is based in Monroe, only 45 minutes south of Corvallis. Morse was the creator of Goat Yoga, and she got a lot of press for it. “We had the BBC come out, National Geographic, New York Times,” she told KGW8. But her 10 goat yoga locations across the county have all had to close down because of COVID-19.   

“We want to be farming happiness and not sickness,” she told KGW8. ‘So we just, out of caution, closed it down.” She began goat yoga in 2016 during another tense election year, and now, with all the stress people are going through, she has decided to offer free goat happy hour.   

But what is goat happy hour? It’s quite simple.   

“How it works is they show up. We mask up. I put hand sanitizer on them,” Morse said. “I take them for a loop around the farm. We’ve got a trail that we take and all the goats follow, and the dogs.” Not only do you get to spend time in nature, surrounded by goats and dogs, but there are also pigs at the end. “We call them emotional support pigs. They are hilarious,” she says, We end the goat happy hour experience with feeding the pigs a popsicle. They love popsicles.”  

There are two farms that are participating in the experience. One in Oregon City and one in Monroe.  Donations are always accepted, but the happy hours are free of charge. “It feels not right to do that [charge] right now. I know people are both suffering financially and mentally,” Morse says. “If you want to give, fine. If you don’t and you can’t, that’s cool too. We totally understand.”   

So how can you get some time with the goats? You can reserve a time on the Original Goat Yoga website by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ tab. The maximum group number in Monroe is 6 people, with 9 people being the maximum at the Oregon City location.   

Morse encourages people that even if they can’t swing a trip to the farm, to get outside and spend time in nature and around other animals. “I just think this is nature’s natural medicine to bond with animals that give so much love.”   

By Kyra Young