Forestry Department Seeks Public Feedback on 2021 Projects

​​ State forests are legally required to provide economic, environmental, and social benefits to Oregonians. In an effort to ensure that this standard is met, the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) is inviting public comment on planned projects, timber sales, and other management activities in state-owned forests for fiscal year 2021. 

From now through May 6, Oregonians can weigh in on draft Annual Operations Plans (AOP) for state forests.  

These annual plans show the location and nature of forest management activities and projects that are proposed for a given fiscal year. Covering a range of topics such as timber harvesting, recreation improvements, forest road maintenance, reforestation/replanting projects, and invasive species management — AOPs tell you all you need to know about what the ODF will be doing next in your neck of the woods.  

The district closest to Corvallis is the West Oregon District. Some notable proposals from its 2021 draft AOP include: planting 93,600 trees on 234 acres; conducting vegetation management on 976 acres; conducting density surveys for northern spotted owls and operational surveys for marbled murrelets; and proposing to harvest approximately 13.2 million board feet of timber volume, through modified clear-cuts and partial cuts, generating revenue of an estimated $5.5 million net value.  

Review the draft AOPs for fiscal year 2021 and offer your input here 

By JD Brookbank