Democrats Still Have Supermajority: Republicans Can Still Walk Out

The magic numbers are 40 and 20. 

If Democrats hold 40 or more seats in the state legislature’s House of Representatives, they have a quorum without the Republicans, and Republicans would be unable to stop business by staging a walkout.The Dems had 38 seats, and worked hard to get two more seats to change hands.  

Three seats did change, but two of them were changed by Republicans.Now the Democrats have a 37-23 majority, which would be great for them, except that Republicans can still walkout as they’ve done in the past and halt all business. 

Democrats would have liked it as well if two seats had changed hands in the Senate, giving them a walkout-proof 20 seats quorum. Two changed – one went from R to D and the other went from D to R, leaving Democrats with another 18-12 majority. 

John M. Burt